Ultra Shiny Pokémon will be coming to Pokémon Switch in 2019.

MEGAS has acquired the missing puzzle to the Ultra Shiny trademark!
And while everyone in the Pokémon community was looking at the TCG cards.
MEGAS was looking at Delta Pokémon Cards.


NEW Ultra Rare, Ultra Hidden forms of Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Switch along with Gen 8 and you may be surprise to see which Pokémon from which Regions are chosen to turn DELTA.

In 2017 during the release of Ultra Sun and Moon. Game Freak dev. Shigeru Ohmori was quoted saying something about Shiny Pokémon in the new games that stuck to my 2019 notes.
"We will be giving Shiny Hunters something special to look forward to."
👀 PokéTubers are “IN DEMAND” for this Interview.

ウルトラシャイニー Urutorashainī



色違い Iro Chigai


Ever since then, I was anticipating some new "shiny form" for Pokémon Switch and when "Ultra Shiny" was trademark it spelled: BINGO! Ultra Shiny looked very fitting for Pokémon Switch.
But there was a piece missing . . .
That is > If the Pokémon is a Shiny Variant or completely New Form
Well, It's both a Variant in Ultra Coloration and a New Form (according to a LEGIT LEAK).
We could be getting ULTRA SHINY DELTA POKEMON!
Yes its true
- new shiny form (was planned for usum)
That explains why Shigeru Ohmori mentioned a new Shiny Pokémon coming as they were "saved" for Nintendo Switch.
Shigeru Ohmori was the maker of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.
✓ The New Shiny (forms) Change the battle significantly.
✓ Ultra Shiny Pokémon sound Delta (New Moves/Alternative Types)
Ultra Shiny Pokémon will be impossible to capture.
Legendary Pokémon will not be easy to capture either but nothing compared to Ultra Shiny.
Ultra Shiny Legends capture rate will be low and encounter rate unheard of as it was previously a scrapped element/feature in 1996 Pokémon Red and Blue! Only known by their mysterious name: MIRAGE.
EXCLUSIVE DX INFO: Ultra Shiny Pokémon will be the innovation to what was known as a Mirage Pokémon!

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