Shiny Sword and Shield Starters! Have been LEAKED and are ready to be seen. In this DX EXCLUSIVE LEAK Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey get a Shiny Form with the greatest inspiration.


The LEAKED Shiny coloration of Sobble and Scorbunny do not exactly show their prospected types.

It only shows that THIS TIME, Game Freak will be listening to fans about how Shiny Pokémon should look!


Since, Sobble seems to be a innovation of a beta mon.

Its shiny form will not only be its debut but its counterpart's debut.

KALOS AND GALAR in Sword and Shield, in hindsight.

The Shiny design of Scorbunny is similar to Shiny Fennekin the 🔥 fire-starter of the Kalos Region.


DX EXCLUSIVE Shiny Scorbunny Teaser

DX EXCLUSIVE Shiny Scorbunny Release: 


Fire-type Galar Starter Scorbunny turns bright yellow and orange as a Shiny Pokémon.



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