Pokemon Switch Gen 8 Have Wonderous Game Titles!

The most anticipated Pokémon games (Pocket Monsters) are coming and Gen 8 will be like no other as it will gear to both veterans and newbies of the series.

  • Pokémon U and I
  • Pokémon Infrared and Ultraviolet
  • Pokémon Cyber Fire and Ice
  • Pokémon Plus and Minus
  • Pokémon Zero and Infinity
  • Pokémon Dawn and Dusk
  • Pokémon Land and Sky
  • Pokémon 1 and 2
  • Pokémon Order and Chaos
  • Pokémon Bronze and Brass
  • Pokémon Absolute Zero and Infinite Blaze
  • Pokémon Ultramarine and Ultraviolet
  • Pokémon Volcanic and Oasis

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