The day was December 31, 2018 and everyone was celebrating New Years Eve . . . Until James Turner decided to tweet. No one knew it was the first Gen 8 hint drop of 2019.

It was a simple New Years message infused with a Star which was a hint for Pokémon Switch also known as Pokémon Stars.

This little STAR emoji gave it all away, that the message James Turner wanted to portray was more than just a 2019 Greeting.

⭐️ May your 2019 be magnificent!

Tradition vs. Innovation is what's coming to the newest generation and the hints to Pokémon Gen 8 were Yesterday and Tomorrow for that very reason!


Sun and Moon Inspiration  

Pokémon STARS 

Mystery at the Lighthouse PLOT TWIST

Mirage Monsters of Yesterday/Tomorrow

Past and Future Pokémon

And there's one more sign to show you!




Galar: Spain and UK because Game Freak can create a Region like that.


Project Eevee was caught tweeeting: Pokémon Tomorrow!


Yesterday (PAST) and Tomorrow (FUTURE)

These were hints to the mainline games New Pokemon!


A PokémonFan leaker who claimed Kingdom Green and Red took content from MEGA DX to create and replicate the MIRAGE MONSTERS Leak and got the Mirage Kingdom Togepi leak from a google search of Mirage Pokémon. That's the reason he could not name what was included with the rest: Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola. This was also the reason Kingdom Red and Green were not the official titles of Pokémon Switch.


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