The Kalos Region is in Pokémon Sword and Shield . . . and it's the MIND-BLOWING Bronze surprise in store for everyone. We will be traveling 2 Regions just like HeartGold/SoulSilver in these mainline games.

Glittering Cave in SWORD AND SHIELD

"The first part of the cave is a long, narrow entrance cave with several detours. All these detours lead to dead ends, however. The cave walls are covered in Luminous Moss and crystals, illuminating the cave interior. Occasionally, wild Pokémon may leap out of the shadows and attack."


This is the reason Pokémon Sword Shield games were made with graphics that resemble USUM. Game Freak had two regions in mind for the NOW BoTW Tier games.


  • HeartGold: Johto to Kanto
  • SoulSilver: Kanto to Johto
  • Mind-Blowing Bronze: Galar to Kalos

UNDISCOVERED Pokémon are appearing in the Galar Region and you'll have the full landscapes to explore 'em!


MEGAS were introduced in the Kalos Region and since Sword and Shield includes the Kalos region once again, NEW MEGA Evolutions will be added along with Armor Evolutions to make competitive battling much more challenging.


The console-scale Pokémon Adventure is about to begin!


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