Last time, I MEGA tweeted this sentence: Pokémon Fire 🔥 and Ice ❄️ is CONFIRMED! We are literally playing GOT!


Choose your side FIRE or ICE.

This time, the LEAK is seen for the very first time.


The DX poll arrived with so-much-hype and with only 4 answers to choose from this plot-twist is sure to shock.

👀 > Games are epic in more ways than its Legends.

The Box Legends and more!


The Legendary Pokemon on the boxes are 2 Doglike Wolves that both evolve in the same Wolf. The Wolf from Pokemon Shield is FIRE/STEEL and a wolf with a higher Defence and the Wolf from Pokemon Sword is ICE/STEEL. When they evolve they both lose the STEEL typing.


But that's nothing compared to what's coming!


And yes, it includes the Branch-Evolutions!

(HeartGold, SoulSilver, Mind-Blowing Bronze)


  • There will be a lot of Pokemon Evolutions for Pokemon's that already exist and some baby Pokemon. New Galar forms for some Gen 3/4 and some 5 Pokemon's.



  • The Pokemon League in this games are Pokemon Tournaments similar to Pokemon Colosseum and Stadium.

Get The Gym Masters LEAK! HINT: Tournaments

The Tournament is held in a super modern city where you can do much more.



Some of you thought that I wrote the LEAK above.

I did not. I always leave with a mark.

Now . . . Pokémon Sword and Shield the FIRE and ICE RELEASE no one will see coming!



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