The Solar System gets represented in form of Legendaries.

Lunala & Solgaleo were the first of the Celestial Legendaries set to come in 2019.

Mercurio is next.

They called it Pokémon Stars, and they were the continuation of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

"Rumors have been circulating for a number of months about the game, suggesting it might be released under the name Pokémon Stars, but Nintendo offered no comment on this."


Its name Pokémon Stars wasn't code for Gen 8 perse, but for something much, much, more faraway.




Its tail and claws conduct electricity.
It dissolves itself to escape capture.



It is known to mesmerize without fail. It can only be captured if it is put to sleep.



The Earth trembles wherever this Legend walks and when it roars volcanoes of the deep explode. Only by paralyzing it can it be captured.



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