The region is set to be Barcelona Spain and the titles to include Time.

In Pokémon Yesterday and Tomorrow.



(Hint: Infinito and eterno)


Now it's the time for the starters to have their very own LEAK!

And believe me, it has Game Freak written all over it.

One thing you should know, Game Freak is doubling down with Gen 8.



The Fire 🔥 Starter will NOT be fighting type and it will also NOT be a part of the Chinese Zodiac.

YOU'VE GOT ONE HINT:  Game Freak and Here is the Zodiac Breaker.


RIDDLE SOLVED: Pokémon is literally digital bug collecting.

Bombardier beetles are known for blasting predators with a 🔥 boiling-hot secretion of noxious chemicals. And if they get swallowed anyway, they blast their way out from the inside.

In a messy experiment, scientists watched as a Japanese stream toad readily swallowed an Asian bombardier beetle.

It Evolves to become a Scorpion.


The Water 💧 Starter will be like Steel.

YOU'VE GOT ONE HINT: Deep Sea and here is the Octo!


RIDDLE SOLVED: Octo Pocket Monster that evolves to Water/Fighting-type


Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, that the translucent octopus discovered in the Deep Sea.


The Grass 🍃 Starter will be completely unexpected.

YOU'VE GOT ONE HINT: Nature and here is the Frozen.


RIDDLE SOLVED: During Winter Grasslands are Frozen Solid and so will this Pocket Monster.

Evolves to a Frozen Mammal Grass/Ice-type.


The Starters take inspiration from Spain and it's right next to France (KALOS Region)!

Kalos and Gen 8



+Plus (Majorca) and -Minus (Minorca) are the Islands in Barcelona! 



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