The Plus and Minus Leak you won't see coming! THIS ONE IS EXCLUSIVELY FREE FOR ALL! At the end of this LEAK there will be a shocking quote from Game Freak.

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Pokémon Plus and Minus Leak!

It was called "Real Leaks" and in the same style of the infamous Let's GO Leaker ~ it lists details for the Upcoming (unannounced) Gen 8 games.


At first glance, this LEAK seems a little too farfetched to be legit. But at second glance something extraordinary can be seen ~ it seems to have Game Freak written all over it and under it.


Generation 8 for the Switch ✓

Two Versions Plus & Minus ✓


Pokémon Plus and Minus were the first leaks for Gen 8 long before we knew about the Nintendo Switch! This was because Game Freak were given early access to the Nintendo Switch engine, and in turn, a Pokémon project started that same year, in 2014.


108 New Pokémon! ✓

It has been leaked Pokémon Switch will have "Pokémon of plenty".

This is where it gets very interesting!


Dabbles with Time Travel! ✓


> Plus Legend is born in the Future (GAME FREAK CREATIVE IDEA!)

> Minus Legend is born in the Past (GAME FREAK CREATIVE IDEA!)


Post-game Surprise Region ~ that could be Kanto but Leaker didn't want to tell it since it would be too unbelievable.


The fact is Game Freak x Kanto!

Pokémon came and originated in Kanto. 


Pokémon GO Integration ✓  This is well known to come.


The Region in this Leak was London New England inspired. 

If this LEAK was true, the New England/London region would be . . . . not right next to Kanto ~ but Kalos!



Starters are Gorilla, Centaur, Capybara!

Three unlikely choices, but only (1) has Game Freak ~ CONFIRMATIONS 

Junichi Masuda has not only tweeted Capybara pictures, he has featured some of them!

Junichi Masuda is known by the Pokémon Community to spill Pokémon Co. secrets and "leaks" as subtle Hints.

And the first Capybara tweet was in 2015! One year after Pokémon Switch Gen 8 started Development!


This is where it becomes very real!


There have been many Plusle and Minun tweets from the Official Game Freak twitter.


Poké Ball Plus works with Pokémon Plus and Minus


Wait, What?!


Poké Ball Plus (the Let's GO JoyCon accessory) goes hand in hand with Pokémon Plus version!

Not just in-game but in-name!

That sounds too official to be fake . . . that's because there's a twist to THIS LEAK.






The twist to THE LEAK is . .  . the Real Leaks !! Plus and Minus LEAK was LEGIT!

But now it's not!




"Apparently BoTW its reaction to Mario Odyssey at E3 so overwhelmingly positive, that it convinced Game Freak that they need to make the next Pokémon Game as disruptive as those two games were."


They were hyping it like its BoTW Tier.


And so the games changed from Plus and Minus (Ultra Tier) to Pokémon ∞ (Botw Tier) after Game Freak saw the graphics of Breath of the Wild!


"it convinced Game Freak . . ."

This is the reason this "Real Leaks !!" sounded so real, because at one point they were!


or the Leaker is a PRO and imitated the Let's GO Real Leaks ~ perfectly.


And if you think "It convinced Game Freak" is the quote . . .  Think. Again.


There are 2 quotes!




"The game will give a good understanding of what an evolved Pokémon game looks like after it has continued to succeed the traditions of Game Freak."


Evolved Pokémon Game does not translate to USUM or ORAS, XY graphics. It translates to HD Innovation.

"Looks like" is a word for the appearance of Gen 8, which will be superb compared to previous Pokémon Games.



DX EXCLUSIVE ~ It's Another Leak to Shock You.


"We want to make Pokémon fans say 'this is what I've been waiting for' by delivering a brand-new product packed with gameplay elements and plenty of new Pokémon to encounter"


"This is what I've been waiting for ~ and it's not Ultra Tier/It's BoTW Tier!"

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