The Pokémon Datamine Is Incoming ~ but there's more to it!




LEAF who wasn't LEAF but a young lady named "Green" was seen in the Datamine.

There is Trainer Blue

There is Trainer Red

There is Trainer Green

But where is Trainer ~ Yellow?

Well, some would say it's the game player! Especially if you have chosen the Pikachu Version.

However, Game Freak may have other, greater plans for Ash Ketchum . . .


A Satoshi Update.


Who else is coming to Let's GO?!


The INSIDER INFO you are trying to access is only available to MEGAS NINTENDO LEAKS members.



1. The touch screen is not enabled during Battles or Capture Scenes.

2. Shiny Pokémon spawns can start appearing early in the game, even at random in the Overworld.

3. The PokéBall Plus Joy Con motion controls can be difficult to master.

4. The Kanto Legendary Birds are easily caught with Ultra Balls or Great Balls try not to use the Master Ball.

  • Articuno in Great Ball
  • Moltres in Poke Ball
  • Zapdos in Ultra Ball

5. The PokéBall Plus Joy Con plays the Pokémon Center sound when you plug it in.



6. The PokéBall Plus Joy Con was released with Gen 8 for Pokémon Switch in mind. (Hint)


7. There will be updates to Pokémon Let's GO for events and unlockable "gifts" much like in the mainline RPG games.

8. Multiple Game-saves! For the first time ever, players can save multiple game files of their adventure in 1 Let's GO game!


9. Players with Nintendo Switch Online can play Pokémon Let's GO Online! A feature that is only available with an Online Membership.


10. GTS, Battle Spot, and Wonder Trade are free to use and play with. No Nintendo Switch Online required for the features.


11. Soft Resetting (Nintendo Switch Shiny Hunting Method for Legendary Birds) is not advised. To keep your Nintendo Switch buttons working for a long time use the Pokémon GO app to transfer your Shiny Legendary.

3DS Method stays with the 3DS.


12. New Kanto MEGAS are set to come to Pokémon Let's GO Pikachu and Eevee in the form of a DLC-type update.


13. Eevee is located further into the game than wild Pikachu! Those with Let's GO Eevee can have both Eevee and Pikachu in the Viridian forest.


14. Pokémon Let's GO Trainers can change their Pokémon nicknames in the party screen.


15. Pokémon Let's GO Eevee is set right at the beginning of the game. Look at its tail for gender same goes for Let's GO Pikachu.


16. You can Shiny Hunt Pokémon with Lures and Re-entering the Overworld. Each time you re-enter new sprites are generated.



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