A leak from 2016 resurfaces in the year 2019 and it includes UNDISCOVERED Alolan Pokémon?! But something else wondrous IS IN THE MIX!

Alolan Oddish ✓

Alolan Jynx ✓

Alolan Bellsprout ✓

Alolan Dratini ✓

Alolan Snorlax ✓

Alolan Zubat ✓

Alolan Tentacool ✓

Alolan Gloom ✓


> Parcuatro



In Pokémon the Movie 21: The Power of Us essences of this Gen 8 Legendary Bird ~ Parcuatro are hinted in the wind.


Back in 2016 Marshadow was in the earliest stages, or the Leaker misidentified what he saw as the Pokémon.


(GEN 8 UNDISCOVERED) is based on a Flying Whale seems to be Psychic-type.

He saw what inspired PROJECT BELUGA ~ He saw the Flying Whale Pokémon!


Pokémon based on a Tiki ✓ (USUM Souvenir) Cloth ✓ (Mimikyu) Dolphin (Gen 8 Fish) Flamingo (Gen 8 Bird)




Parcuatro: A Legendary Grass/Flying based on the Bird of Paradise!


> before Pokémon the Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution!



4/13/19 ~ VIDEO

The prophecy has been set, but has it been interpreted correctly?

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