A Timeless Legend appears and you've already seen it . . . in Papua New Guinea!




_ _ _ CUATRO.



This LEAK goes DEEP so take a gulp and DIVE IN into the Wondrous Gen 8!

Does it look like Pokémon Switch is tradition vs. innovation yet? 

*MEGAS TUMBLR told the rumor during Gen 7 and continued it unto Gen 8.

Alola has another Legendary Bird! They are finally adding the 4th!

Source: Aminoapps

This was a claim made by MEGAS POKEMON XY before Nintendo Switch was a console and so I thought it was an Ultra Pocket Monster! But it seems to be Generation 8. During Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Moon a video was posted on YouTube. It included assets of a Hawaiian-like Region . . .


> It was not from Alola, it was from New Guinea





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