A Pokémon Amiibo listing has made a leak from the past return ~ full force!



And it makes Pokémon Switch NOT what fans are expecting which signals Game Freak!



But is legit?!


Round 3 has begun and the VOTES are coming IN . . . 👀

*One thing is for sure: This is HARD MODE.


  • will be an open world game like Breath Of The Wild ✓

"Apparently BoTW and its reaction to Mario Odyssey at E3 was so overwhelmingly positive that it convinced Game Freak that they need to make the next Pokémon Games as disruptive as those two games were. It’s going to be innovation and a step forward for Pokémon." (Not the same game model)


" I can't find the thread anymore . . . "

BRAND NEW REGION ✓ Gen 8 is confirmed to be New Pokémon!

Will be compatible with Pokémon Amiibo. Including 5 new ones being created for this game.

Including five new ones being created for this game.


Squirtle Amiibo - LEAKED

Ivysaur Amiibo - LEAKED

Pokémon Trainer Amiibo - LEAKED


This is the 57th DX Release and it's Round 3. We're half way to 100th!

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