"I never saw those titles coming."~ MEGAS and YOU. 

This leak begins with Mirage Monsters and ends with very IN-credible Pokémon Switch titles.


And that's just the surface of what this LEAKED image will uncover.


The Most Legit Leak That You've Ever Seen! was the title of the tweet
With a title like that you know it's gonna be Legendary. 

This Mirage LEAK appeared on 4chan on January 3rd with very few replies. I noticed it was "mysteriously" not taken down for 3 days. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was Gold and Silver. This is because, ever since 2018, it has been the only LEAK that mentioned: Mirage Creatures! (besides ME, MEGAS NINTENDO LEAKS). Something that cannot easily be faked and must be known by the leaker prior to release.


MIRAGE CREATURES: A kind of Pokémon so rare and so hidden that it was thought to be non-existent.
The fanbase know them as MissingNo(s). Game Freak knows them as scrapped Pokémon.


They were set as glitches, Pokémon that were not in the game, but at the same time were coded in as errors.


The original pitch also did not include the paired games with the game-exclusive concept; instead, trading would be encouraged by "Mirage Monsters", creatures with a very low encounter rate.


One Mirage Monster mentioned was a Green Dragon, which would be encountered in a dungeon. It is said that it would have taken up to 2 hours to find and catch.


The Koi Fish is a Gen 8 Pokémon related to Gen 2 Legend, Lugia (SoulSilver)

The Statue Bird is a Gen 8 Pokémon related to Gen 2 Legend, Ho-Oh (HeartGold)



 Tradition vs. Innovation ✓

The Region for Gen 8 could be right next to Johto and Kanto as seen in the image above.


The footprint, it means ~ Following Pokémon are set to RETURN!

The Dragon Fruit is a Pokémon! And here's a sneak peek.

"I believe there are MIRAGE monsters."


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