A Mini Nintendo Switch PRO is coming and it's worth the price ~ but there's a catch!

It's a Gaming Phone!

It's all fun and games until NintendoLife drops a bombshell!

A Nintendo Switch Online Phone is the Mini Surprise and it is intense HYPE!

2018 RUMOR: The Nintendo Switch PRO is a Miniature ~ the size of a Phone!

The rumor seems to be on pointe because it's literally a Nintendo Phone that's coming.

A Rumor has surfaced on reddit and it states the 2017 Nintendo Switch is getting a more "powerful" new system. But it seems that there's an interesting turn of events for the LEAKED console because it's a Phone-Console!


Nintendo Life


Before the MINI reddit post. There was Marcus Sellars who posted his own Bombshell Tweet.

Nintendo will be releasing an improved version of the Nintendo Switch early 2019 . . . But Oops, it's not what it seems.



2 New Nintendo Switch UPGRADES Incoming!


One is Mini and the other is Monumental and vise versa.


The MINI comes with access to Nintendo Switch Online and could be announced at E3 2019.

The Monumental is a Switch Phone not until late 2019.


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Everything that this particular Reddit LEAKER has posted has come true and it concludes with

"we will be seeing this NINTENDO SWITCH sooner rather than later."

But he wasn't speaking about the PRO version.

It's the MINI that's coming!


*It has also been CLAIMED that the Nintendo Switch MINI and PRO will Access Nintendo Switch ONLINE.

Now for the PRICE . . .


It is could even be able to play Nintendo Switch Games!

Aside from the Nintendo Mobile Games: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Super Mario 3D Run



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