Nintendo fans have yet to hear of the NEW Nintendo Switch dubbed Mini coming in 2019, In a variety of great colors! But a myriad of LEAKS have already been released with details only NINTENDO of AMERICA could have in store.


You've heard of the NEW Nintendo 3DS and the NEW Nintendo 2DS XL.

Well, soon there will be the New Nintendo Switch dubbed . . . Child/Mariko.


DX EXCLUSIVE WROTE: Nintendo Switch Mini comes first before PRO according to the rumor which became official on July 10th. PRO is 2020 MINI is this year!




I CHOOSE > 🔻Red ◽️ White 🔷 Blue = Pokémon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Lite

SELECT PLAYER 1 GAMES > The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Mario Kart 8 Tour, Super Mario 3D World

PRICE > 👀 199



This tempting NEW console will make many upgrade from their original Nintendo Switch . . .

but it will come with a catch. That you will not expect.







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Exclusive NEW Nintendo Switch Leaks!

The next-gen console gets an upgrade.