Nintendo just made History with Metroid Prime 4. The first game to ever get restarted mid-launch year.


"Silence is Golden . . . at Nintendo."  

Nintendo plans to substitute Samus and Ridley with a trilogy.


Here are the Metroid Prime 4 Details and Changes!


Bandai Namco was canceled for Metroid Prime 4 and the title was given back to Retro Studios.


The Video Clip You Will See Is What Retro Studios is striving for . . . and is what Bandai Namco could not deliver.



 Metroid Prime 4 was removed from the 2019 Nintendo Direct.

This is the reason there has not been a Nintendo Direct in January!


No Nintendo Direct on the 17th.

No Nintendo Direct on the 24th.

No Nintendo Direct even on the 10th.

No Nintendo Direct all of January!


All because Nintendo was indecisive about releasing the trailer for Metroid Prime 4, which was included in the January 2019 Nintendo Direct!

"And we had to make a difficult decision as a development team."

THAT decision took almost about a month and it was either to remove Metroid Prime 4 Teaser/Launch Date from the Nintendo Direct or not. On January 24th, It was decided to reset the Metroid Prime 4 title and give fans another.


Metroid Prime 4: Now in Development for Nintendo Switch (2017) ✓

Metroid Prime 4: Now in Development for Nintendo Switch (2019) ✓


Both are accurate!


January is no more.

February is here! and it's also the month of all things Pokémon!




Even Xbox Live was affected by the postponement of the January Nintendo Direct.


"The mystery continues"



The Nintendo Direct was already recorded/edited and ready for release, until Nintendo chose to restart a game that was in-the-direct: Metroid Prime 4. The Direct included the now-discarded trailer of MP4 with a 2019 release date which was not allowed to go LIVE!


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