The GS Ball could become the next Poké Ball Plus! HEART Gold, SOUL Silver, MIND-BLOWING Bronze!


A leak of another Poké Ball Plus has been circulating the internet.

But could it be the GS Ball Plus that we see in 2019?

MIRAGE Signs Point to Yes.

I've been told the hardware seems to be the same (as the Poké Ball Plus).

Supports all 800+ Pokémon!

It will release this year (2019) alongside or after Pokémon Gen 8 launches.


On August 2 a TEASER VIDEO was released on Twitter.

It had a Celebi in the forest and it said: "Celebi Is Waiting . . . "


On August 26 MEGAS tweeted this Secret Project in a Johto-theme VIDEO. Available at the time exclusively on Subscribe Star!

It was an Image with the caption: pause @ "each time" along with:

Do you want to know the secret behind Poké Ball™ Plus Joy-Con?!

 . . . But it also promised to make jaws drop.


Exclusive DX Info Incoming!


I told everyone the Poké Ball Plus was a collectors item
> GS Ball comes to complete canon
> Gen 8 are GS


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