What are Premium Guides?

Premium Guides are never before seen secrets to upcoming games. Published exclusively to MEGAS NINTENDO LEAKS NX. They range from Viral to Entertaining.

What are Premium Drops?

Premium Drops are first releases to Nintendo Switch upcoming games — long before they become public.

Do you ship Giveaways to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your winning item anywhere that can accept deliveries.

How do you ship Giveaways?

Each item will be delivered using USPS first class mail.

  • Tracking number on items price above: $20
  • Signature may be required on items price above: $50

What Items can be gifted?

MEGAS has a variety of Gaming Gifts for Members.

  • Each item will have a retail value.
  • Some are collectable.
  • Some are hand-crafted or custom.


Is there an Unlimited Membership Option?

DX EXCLUSIVE UNLIMITED is now exclusively available. 1 Year, 2 Year and Ultimate Memberships are the options you can choose from in 2019.

How can I access the site?

Once your MEGAS NINTENDO LEAKS Membership is activated, your account will automatically get access to the exclusive content.

All Accounts Require

  • Username
  • Email