Pokémon Gen 8 Innovations

Game Freak has declared that the 8th Generation of Pocket Monsters will be described as Tradition vs. Innovation. And on June 01, 2018 the answer to that inside information was released. MEGA DX Posted a tweet with a Riddle to this EPIC plot twist ~ but it was only sent to 1 Winner: @David_Danielo   […]

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Pokémon Switch Gen 8 Starters

The region is set to be Barcelona Spain and the titles to include Time. In Pokémon Yesterday and Tomorrow.     (Hint: Infinito and eterno) VOTE TO LEAK THE TITLES from THE MOST LEGIT LEAK THAT YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Now it’s the time for the starters to have their very own LEAK! And believe me, […]

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Pocket Monsters Gen 8

“I never saw those titles coming.”~ MEGAS and YOU.  This leak begins with Mirage Monsters and ends with very IN-credible Pokémon Switch titles.   And that’s just the surface of what this LEAKED image will uncover.   The Most Legit Leak That You’ve Ever Seen! was the title of the tweet.  With a title like […]

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Pokémon Switch Post-Game Leak

The post-game to Pokémon Switch Gen 8 mainline games was LEAKED and it will be like no other — ever seen — And you could know it right now! There’s just one more thing to tell. The post-game is online on Etsy! Many sought and looked up every Pokémon listing only to come up with […]

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Pokémon Plus and Minus Leak

The Plus and Minus Leak you won’t see coming! THIS ONE IS EXCLUSIVELY FREE FOR ALL! At the end of this LEAK there will be a shocking quote from Game Freak. You Are Now Accessing MEGAS EXCLUSIVE DX ~ Everything can be seen!  Pokémon Plus and Minus Leak! It was called “Real Leaks” and in […]

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Pokémon Gen 8 Parcuatro

A leak from 2016 resurfaces in the year 2019 and it includes UNDISCOVERED Alolan Pokémon?! But something else wondrous IS IN THE MIX! Alolan Oddish ✓ Alolan Jynx ✓ Alolan Bellsprout ✓ Alolan Dratini ✓ Alolan Snorlax ✓ Alolan Zubat ✓ Alolan Tentacool ✓ Alolan Gloom ✓   > Parcuatro     In Pokémon the […]

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Pokémon Amiibo Leak

A Pokémon Amiibo listing has made a leak from the past return ~ full force!     And it makes Pokémon Switch NOT what fans are expecting which signals Game Freak!     But is legit?!   Round 3 has begun and the VOTES are coming IN . . . *One thing is for sure: […]

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Pokémon Direct 4 1 1

A Pokémon Direct is scheduled to come in 2019 and the contents are to cry for! Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee first DLC is not what you’re all expecting to see and it’s being added in 2019. 3DS Pokémon Virtual Console Games: Ruby and Sapphire (*) Emerald. Pokémon Quest Johto Pokémon + Meltan! Pokémon Gen […]

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Pokémon Gen 8 Eeveelutions

LEAK:  3 NEW EEVEELUTIONS ARE COMING! I REPEAT:  3 EEVEELUTION IN THE WORKS AT GAME FREAK.   3 are set to come with Nostalgia in mind and it’s connected to the Kanto EPIC twist for Gen 8: Stones! But there was a leaked image that mentioned them and more!   3 Stones, 2 Forms, 1 […]

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