Pokémon Sword Shield Pokédex

The Full Pok√©dex LEAKED and it includes Pocket Monsters that the community has always wanted to see! Including Legendaries and Mythicals that resemble Gen 1-7!   *One Pok√©mon in the Pok√©dex is not represented by the right gender. Scorbunny’s Evolution may collapse this LEAKED Pok√©dex completely.   Pok√©mon in the Galar Region are sure to […]

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Pokémon Sword Shield Gym Masters

3, 2, 1, GO! That’s the HINT for the Gym Masters LEAK! And it will be intense HYPE to even fathom. I can confirm the stadium seen in the London section will operate similarly to the Pok√©mon Stadium games . . . POKEMON STADIUM GYMS! GYM MASTERS IN THE GALAR REGION MEGA DX discovered this […]

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Pokémon Sword Shield Mecha Forms

A LEAK that gives the official name to the mysterious Armored Evolutions arrives!   I was awaiting this one as the previous LEGIT leak said, Armored Evolutions are real but they are not called “Armored”. Cue Game Freak and Mecha SHINKA! Mecha: giant robots or machines controlled by people ‚úď   Armoured Evolutions are called […]

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Kalos

The Kalos Region is in Pok√©mon Sword and Shield . . . and it’s the MIND-BLOWING Bronze surprise in store for everyone. We will be traveling 2 Regions just like HeartGold/SoulSilver in these mainline games. Glittering Cave in SWORD AND SHIELD “The first part of the cave is a long, narrow entrance cave with several […]

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Mirage

The Mirage Monsters in the new Generation 8 are coming to Sword and Shield. And it’s starting with a familiar starter Pok√©mon and ending with a mythical Pokemon.   Sobble was based on a Beta Pok√©mon called Skimper. “When it feels threatened, it begins to cry.”   YOU VOTED FOR THE FINAL TYPE FOR SOBBLE, […]

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Pokémon Gen 8 Designs

The Designs of Gen 8 are revealed and one thing is for sure, you won’t see them coming! Another thing that will hit you like a ton of bricks is the secret message behind JT’s greeting card . . . Innovation vs. Tradition is the theme to the Gen 8 Pocket Monsters at Game Freak. […]

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Pokemon Kingdom Green!

A leak appeared on 4chan on February 21st ~ but it wasn’t just any ordinary leak from just any ordinary leaker. It spelled Tradition vs. Innovation and GAME FREAK is about to shock the world with it.   UNDISCOVERED Gen 8 Pocket Monsters are appearing!   Pok√©mon KINGDOM Red! and Pok√©mon KINGDOM Green! Are too […]

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Pokémon Yesterday and Tomorrow

The day was December 31, 2018 and everyone was celebrating New Years Eve . . . Until James Turner decided to tweet. No one knew it was the first Gen 8 hint drop of 2019. It was a simple New Years message infused with a Star which was a hint for Pok√©mon Switch also known […]

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Sinnoh Pokémon Switch

The Sinnoh Region is what many YouTubers had been claiming that Pok√©mon Switch would be . . . dubbed Sinnoh Remakes. This was prior to the Barcelona magazine’s release of it being a brand new Generation 8 and not a remake. Well, there’s a reason for all those Sinnoh hints dropping and it has everything […]

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Pokémon Timeless Versions

We are getting closer and closer to the official Pok√©mon Gen 8 titles. The ones that Game Freak has prepared for us.       The Pok√©mon Community Tweet that will go down in History is from James Turner ~ who LEAKED the titles with 1 Image.¬†   Mew has the DNA of all Pok√©mon. […]

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