No More National Dex in Pokémon

A message from Game Freak paints a grim picture for the future of the mainline National Dex. It is becoming non-existent. It seems there will no longer be any National Dex in Pokémon mainline games.   Let’s GO mainline games will tie with each corresponding region. Pokémon mainline remakes will select Pocket Monsters from a Regional […]

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Pokémon HOME 1000+ Dex

It’s the final Pokémon Switch app to complete GAME FREAK’ plans. They’ve been planning since the beginning.   AND TRUST ME, YOU WILL NOT BE READY.   But before we begin . . . There’s a message from 2020 GAME FREAK:   Pokémon # Bring Back National Dex — Will — NOT — Happen.   […]

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Ultra Shiny Pokémon GO

It’s the premiere LEAK for Pokémon GO on DX and this one is ULTRA HYPE. Shiny Pokémon have raided all of Pokémon GO from basic to EX Rare. But there’s one kind of Shiny that’s in the works at Niantic that has never ever been seen!   BELIEVE IT. OR NOT. They are planning to […]

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