No More National Dex in Pokémon

A message from Game Freak paints a grim picture for the future of the mainline National Dex. It is becoming non-existent. It seems there will no longer be any National Dex in Pok√©mon mainline games.   Let’s GO mainline games will tie with each¬†corresponding region. Pok√©mon mainline remakes will select Pocket Monsters from a Regional […]

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Pokémon HOME 1000+ Dex

It’s the final Pok√©mon Switch app to complete GAME FREAK’ plans. They’ve been planning since the beginning.   AND TRUST ME, YOU WILL NOT BE READY.   But before we begin . . . There’s a message from 2020 GAME FREAK:   Pok√©mon # Bring Back National Dex ‚ÄĒ Will ‚ÄĒ NOT ‚ÄĒ Happen.   […]

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Pokémon Masters Gacha

DeNA and The Pok√©mon Company are working together to bring Pok√©mon Masters this Summer! Bridging generations of characters in a gacha-style mobile game. I, MEGA DX gave you all a tease . . .¬† TCG: Trainers Card Game¬† GACHA UNLOCKS   SEE THE TWEET KANTO JOHTO HOENN SINNOH UNOVA KALOS ALOLA GALAR   “Pok√©mon Masters […]

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Detective Pikachu 2!

Detective Pikachu sequel is in the works and this time, it will be in full 1080p on the Nintendo Switch.   The adventures of Detective Pikachu will continue on Nintendo Switch. Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pok√©mon Company, announced a follow-up to the original Nintendo 3DS game at a press conference in Tokyo […]

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Pokémon Pinball Switch

Pok√©mon Pinball is set to return with the greatest innovation since 1999. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!   Pok√©mon Pinball (1999) Pok√©mon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire (2003) Pok√©mon Pinball Switch (2020)   Pokemon Pinball Sneak Peek from MEGAS on Vimeo.   UNLOCK CONTENT The INSIDER INFO you are trying to access is only available to MEGAS […]

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch Alola!

The first teaser to Pok√©mon Mystery Dungeon Switch is coming soon! And it is set to brings us back to a region with all the Islands and Kahunas.   The Alola Region was created for this game.   Day and Night Sun and Moon Welcome Back To Alola!   Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch – SNEAK […]

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Sword Shield Galar Starters Abilities!

The Galar starters are set to have new abilities in Pok√©mon Sword and Shield, similar to X and Y and Sun and Moon! In fact, the hidden abilities of the Alola Starters were just a rumor for a long time before they became official. Froakie ~ Protean Fennekin ~ Magician Chespin ~ Bulletproof   Popplio […]

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Legendary

It’s the Legends that will have you Switching from Sword to Shield and from Shield to Sword! All because GAME FREAK likes to play with Hearts.   And that’s a definite guarantee after this DX Release. Of course, if you have both Sword and Shield you will be able to get both version-exclusive Legendaries . […]

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