Sword Shield Galar Starters Abilities!

The Galar starters are set to have new abilities in Pok√©mon Sword and Shield, similar to X and Y and Sun and Moon! In fact, the hidden abilities of the Alola Starters were just a rumor for a long time before they became official. Froakie ~ Protean Fennekin ~ Magician Chespin ~ Bulletproof   Popplio […]

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Legendary

It’s the Legends that will have you Switching from Sword to Shield and from Shield to Sword! All because GAME FREAK likes to play with Hearts.   And that’s a definite guarantee after this DX Release. Of course, if you have both Sword and Shield you will be able to get both version-exclusive Legendaries . […]

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Sword and Shield Shiny Starters!

  Shiny Sword and Shield Starters! Have been LEAKED and are ready to be seen. In this DX EXCLUSIVE LEAK Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey get a Shiny Form with the greatest inspiration.   The LEAKED Shiny coloration of Sobble and Scorbunny do not exactly show their¬†prospected types. It only shows that THIS TIME, Game Freak […]

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Starters Evolutions!

The Evolutions for the Galar starters have been leaked with names to match their incredible types! Grookey evolves, Scorbunny evolves, and Sobble evolves, to even better mons!     What makes them legit is the Evolution for Grookey, which seems to be inspired by the mystical. LEAKED HOURS PRIOR to the newly released Grookey poll! […]

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Pokémon Sword and Shield Release Date!

The release date of Pokemon Sword and Shield has been seen! And you won’t believe the date FOR THIS DX RELEASE.     Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were finally revealed in a Nintendo Direct on February 27. You can see the full trailer for both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, on YouTube. However, there […]

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Galar Region Starters Types!

The Galar Region Starters will have unbelievable typings. A Pok√©dex leaked early March but it was a complete dud. Scorbunny’ Evolution isn’t a Waifu, it is Grookey who is the female of the bunch. YOU ONLY GET ONE. THIS LEAK IS HOT! “They are talking about introducing Electric-type once again for Generation 8 . . […]

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Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness 3D

There’s a new 3DS Pok√©mon game in the works and it is a GameCube fan favorite . . .¬† But for the official announcement you’ll just have to wait for the next Nintendo/Pok√©mon Direct as it ties in with new Pokk√©n content.   Pok√©mon XD Gale of Darkness for the 3DS.   Sources keep adding […]

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Sinnoh Pokémon Switch

The Sinnoh Region is what many YouTubers had been claiming that Pok√©mon Switch would be . . . dubbed Sinnoh Remakes. This was prior to the Barcelona magazine’s release of it being a brand new Generation 8 and not a remake. Well, there’s a reason for all those Sinnoh hints dropping and it has everything […]

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