Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch Alola!

The first teaser to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Switch is coming soon! And it is set to brings us back to a region with all the Islands and Kahunas.   The Alola Region was created for this game.   Day and Night Sun and Moon Welcome Back To Alola!   Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch – SNEAK […]

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New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans have yet to hear of the NEW Nintendo Switch dubbed Mini coming in 2019, In a variety of great colors! But a myriad of LEAKS have already been released with details only NINTENDO of AMERICA could have in store.   You’ve heard of the NEW Nintendo 3DS and the NEW Nintendo 2DS XL. […]

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Animal Crossing Switch Tease

The Animal Crossing Switch trailer is set to amaze and bring back the classics feels.   AN ANIMAL CROSSING DIRECT IS INCOMING:   What kind of HYPE will Nintendo Unleash with Animal Crossing Switch?! INTENSE HYPE   Well, there’s a video for you all to see! Nintendo will release yet another Animal Crossing Teaser but […]

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Animal Crossing Pocket Switch

The EPIC Animal Crossing Switch feature will set these games apart from all other Animal Crossing games.   The first details for Animal Crossing Switch were just LEAKED and NINTENDO EXCLUSIVE DX readers saw glimpses of what was yet to come months prior to the NintendoSoup leak. The list was quiet long and it included […]

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft Steve

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Minecraft Steve AN EXCLUSIVE NINTENDO LEAK SNEAK PREVIEW FOR TWITTER!   You read the title right! There’s a reason Vergeben cannot be 100% sure that Minecraft Steve is IN Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Vergeben isn’t entirely sure on his source’s end, but at this point he doesn’t doubt it is in […]

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Nintendo Switch Online N64 EPIC

Welcome to the New Nintendo Switch Online! MEGAS hinted this was coming in many, many, mini teasers on Twitter.  Prepare to (F)aint. If you (C) it. You won’t believe it. What could it (B)? Nintendo Switch ONLINE released with very little HYPE it got so much dislikes and backlash that it made gamers skip Memberships. […]

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