Super Smash Bros. DLC 2020 Fighters Pass

Remember that SSBU game from last December 2018-2019? It’s back on the Nintendo Direct headlines for more implosive action!  This time, its 2020 Fighter Pass will come with an even greater surprise!    A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! MORE DLC FIGHTERS ― NOW IN DEVELOPMENT!   LIKE I SAID BACK IN NOVEMBER 2018, THE BEST SSBU RELEASE WAS […]

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Game Awards 2019 FIRST LOOK

GAME AWARDS December is just three months away but there’s a already great speculation to what Nintendo of America and Xbox have in store for the 2020 gaming lineup.    Nintendo and XBox presents . . .   FIRST TEASER TO SSBU 2020 DLC 1      LIVE! Thursday, DECEMBER 12, 2019   UNLOCK CONTENT […]

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Nintendo Rewards Program 2020

The All-New My Nintendo Rewards program set to come in 2020 with Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch O as its main focus.   GET THE FIRST LOOK — ONLY ON DX EXCLUSIVE!   Fun, free, and rewarding! The NEW Nintendo program makes playing games and interacting with Nintendo even more fun. You can earn […]

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch Alola!

The first teaser to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Switch is coming soon! And it is set to brings us back to a region with all the Islands and Kahunas.   The Alola Region was created for this game.   Day and Night Sun and Moon Welcome Back To Alola!   Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Switch – SNEAK […]

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Animal Crossing Switch Tease

The Animal Crossing Switch trailer is set to amaze and bring back the classics feels.   AN ANIMAL CROSSING DIRECT IS INCOMING:   What kind of HYPE will Nintendo Unleash with Animal Crossing Switch?! INTENSE HYPE   Well, there’s a video for you all to see! Nintendo will release yet another Animal Crossing Teaser but […]

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