Game Awards 2019 FIRST LOOK

GAME AWARDS December is just three months away but there’s a already great speculation to what Nintendo of America and Xbox have in store for the 2020 gaming lineup.    Nintendo and XBox presents . . .   FIRST TEASER TO SSBU 2020 DLC 1      LIVE! Thursday, DECEMBER 12, 2019   UNLOCK CONTENT […]

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New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans have yet to hear of the NEW Nintendo Switch dubbed Mini coming in 2019, In a variety of great colors! But a myriad of LEAKS have already been released with details only NINTENDO of AMERICA could have in store.   You’ve heard of the NEW Nintendo 3DS and the NEW Nintendo 2DS XL. […]

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Super Mario Land Returns

The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct has been officially released, bringing with it plenty of surprises. One of which is its callback to the original Super Mario Land 1 and 2. Another one was a missing box not present during in the Direct. Located in the category of Extra Game Styles! JUST WAIT ‘TILL YOU […]

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Bayonetta 3 2020

Bayonetta 3 was officially teased during the 2018 Game Awards. It was one of the long-awaited Nintendo Switch games of 2019. No one knew that it would soon join Metroid Prime 4′ fate.   That is, until Marcus Sellars wrote a tweet. With the announcement that Metroid Prime 4 has been delayed I just want […]

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Nintendo Switch PRO Phone

A Nintendo Switch PRO is in the works but it is nothing like what it seems. Nintendo Switch PRO is set to be split in Two.    Nintendo Switch OG is set to be 3 years in 2020 but this first gen system is going out-of-stock and becoming discontinued soon. The next hardware update for Nintendo […]

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Little Big Planet Switch Sneak Peek

Little Big Planet Switch has not been announced but footage is ready to be seen! It involves a certain music video and Planet Earth!   It all started in NOVEMBER 2018 when a Multi-Millionaire let the title slip and MEGA DX wrote a tweet about it.  OK, Time for a Little Big Planet Leak! The […]

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is the newest (unannounced) Nintendo Switch game of 2019. MEGA DX EXCLUSIVE gave you all the ZELDA LEAK in 2018. It included Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Super Mario Maker 2 and Star Fox. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was leaked on MEGAS Tumblr in 2017! AND in 2018 […]

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Animal Crossing Switch: Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets and Animal Crossing Switch will they be included or excluded from the newest installment? YOU WILL FIND OUT NOW.   Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp introduced fans to Leaf Tickets. Premium Tickets that could be use to purchase Fortune Cookies or Seasonal Items. Leaf Tickets can be used to purchase a variety of items […]

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