Game Awards 2019 FIRST LOOK

GAME AWARDS December is just three months away but there’s a already great speculation to what Nintendo of America and Xbox have in store for the 2020 gaming lineup.    Nintendo and XBox presents . . .   FIRST TEASER TO SSBU 2020 DLC 1      LIVE! Thursday, DECEMBER 12, 2019   UNLOCK CONTENT […]

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters FIRST LEAK

THE FIRST NINTENDO SWITCH PRO 4K GAME with Duel Monsters cards! Is coming from Konami and it’s still a deep dark secret. Pokémon GO succeeded in its master plan. It’s time for Konami to follow in Niantic footsteps and reap the reward$! Yu-Gi-Oh! on the next-gen Console and its presence could even rival Pokémon!   […]

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