Everybody is talking about Nintendo of America secret game that will quote, "please long time fans." And all it took to find the gem was 👀 Xbox!

1998 🐦 2019 🐻

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Xbox Newcomer is Banjo-Kazooie! However, there was a LEAK with Banjo as the Nintendo Switch secret game.



"Banjo Kazooie 3D is the secret game and Banjo sounds like a bear. These were the words written in a comment for NVC and it is these words that will make you believe in something UNREAL."



Banjo is Habbening but that's only the beginning of the merger.


But just don't take MEGAS word for it. Take Theirs!


Nintendo Could be Preparing “At Least One Unannounced Title” for the Switch in Fiscal Year 2019

Nintendo could possibly be launching at least one new Nintendo Switch game during the fiscal year 2019, at least according to Takashi Mochizuki from The Wall Street Journal. The tech reporter took to Twitter to say that Nintendo has said that they’re preparing at least one unannounced title for their Nintendo Switch console. They have also said “fans would be delighted to know”.


What Could Nintendo's Unannounced 2019 Games Be? 

  • Pikmin 4 is coming but it's not It.
  • Multiplayer Zelda coming and we all know it.
  • A Retro Studios Donkey Kong not pleasing enough.
  • Wii U Port as the title will cause a Twitter riot.
  • A New Micro-console stay tuned for this one.
  • F-Zero Switch coming but that's Retro.

So the answer is: None of the above.

And just like its Smash DLC. No one will see it coming.


And now the twisted BANJO-KAZOOIE LEAK begins . . .

You won't believe where this will lead.




Xbox X Nintendo

"An unannounced game for Nintendo Switch that should please fans."

Is that QUOTE that reveals the secret Nintendo Switch title coming in FY19.



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