Beluga Mythical a Fossil

A 4chan Pok√©dex LEAK includes the Mythical “Kanto” Gen 8 Pok√©mon in its midst. And it may come right out of 1996! BELUGA MYTHICAL/BELUGA FOSSIL Mythical Pok√©mon (Japanese: ŚĻĽ„Āģ„ÉĚ„āĪ„ÉĘ„É≥ Illusory Pok√©mon) are a group of Pok√©mon seen so rarely in the Pok√©mon world that some question their very existence. FOSSIL A   But this “Mythical” […]

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Sword and Shield MEGA Evolutions

MEGA Evolution continues in Pok√©mon Sword and Shield and that’s just the beginning of the Galar Region’ most intense Gym Battles. New MEGA Evolutions to be introduced in an upcoming Pok√©mon Sword and Shield Trailer! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT.   UNLOCK CONTENT   The INSIDER INFO you are trying to access is only […]

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Sword and Shield Yugioh Leak

An image on 4chan was left untouched until DX EXCLUSIVE sent out a tweet and released its cheat sheet. It’s about Sword and Shield with Yu-Gi-Oh and Kaiba hidden in the details! The Galar Starters are all there! But the true types hide in a disguise. GALAR STARTERS TYPES RELEASE!   Grookey is Grass/ Scorbunny […]

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Galar Region Starters Types!

The Galar Region Starters will have unbelievable typings. A Pok√©dex leaked early March but it was a complete dud. Scorbunny’ Evolution isn’t a Waifu, it is Grookey who is the female of the bunch. YOU ONLY GET ONE. THIS LEAK IS HOT! “They are talking about introducing Electric-type once again for Generation 8 . . […]

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct 2019

A new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct is Incoming! and its timing is more than perfect. THE HYPE IS LIT APRIL 16, 2019¬†   The 2019 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct will include the anticipated DLC #2.   Geno’ trailer will show up.   Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE Exclusive DLC #2 Geno Teaser Trailer + […]

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Pokémon Sword Shield Soaring

Pok√©mon Sword and Shield is taking game-play right out of ORAS into Galar!   Players will be able to SOAR into the Sky¬† using a Ride Pok√©mon ~ unlike Sun and Moon/USUM.   This isn’t your Alola Charizard with a Ride Saddle. It’s a selected Pok√©mon that will fly you up!   THE REGION OF […]

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Pokémon Sword Shield Pokédex

The Full Pok√©dex LEAKED and it includes Pocket Monsters that the community has always wanted to see! Including Legendaries and Mythicals that resemble Gen 1-7!   *One Pok√©mon in the Pok√©dex is not represented by the right gender. Scorbunny’s Evolution may collapse this LEAKED Pok√©dex completely.   Pok√©mon in the Galar Region are sure to […]

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Pokémon Sword Shield Gym Masters

3, 2, 1, GO! That’s the HINT for the Gym Masters LEAK! And it will be intense HYPE to even fathom. I can confirm the stadium seen in the London section will operate similarly to the Pok√©mon Stadium games . . . POKEMON STADIUM GYMS! GYM MASTERS IN THE GALAR REGION MEGA DX discovered this […]

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Pokémon Sword Shield Mecha Forms

A LEAK that gives the official name to the mysterious Armored Evolutions arrives!   I was awaiting this one as the previous LEGIT leak said, Armored Evolutions are real but they are not called “Armored”. Cue Game Freak and Mecha SHINKA! Mecha: giant robots or machines controlled by people ‚úď   Armoured Evolutions are called […]

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Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness 3D

There’s a new 3DS Pok√©mon game in the works and it is a GameCube fan favorite . . .¬† But for the official announcement you’ll just have to wait for the next Nintendo/Pok√©mon Direct as it ties in with new Pokk√©n content.   Pok√©mon XD Gale of Darkness for the 3DS.   Sources keep adding […]

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