Pokémon Gen 8 Designs

The Designs of Gen 8 are revealed and one thing is for sure, you won’t see them coming! Another thing that will hit you like a ton of bricks is the secret message behind JT’s greeting card . . . Innovation vs. Tradition is the theme to the Gen 8 Pocket Monsters at Game Freak. […]

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Pokemon Kingdom Green!

A leak appeared on 4chan on February 21st ~ but it wasn’t just any ordinary leak from just any ordinary leaker. It spelled Tradition vs. Innovation and GAME FREAK is about to shock the world with it.   UNDISCOVERED Gen 8 Pocket Monsters are appearing!   Pok√©mon KINGDOM Red! and Pok√©mon KINGDOM Green! Are too […]

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Pokémon Yesterday and Tomorrow

The day was December 31, 2018 and everyone was celebrating New Years Eve . . . Until James Turner decided to tweet. No one knew it was the first Gen 8 hint drop of 2019. It was a simple New Years message infused with a Star which was a hint for Pok√©mon Switch also known […]

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Sinnoh Pokémon Switch

The Sinnoh Region is what many YouTubers had been claiming that Pok√©mon Switch would be . . . dubbed Sinnoh Remakes. This was prior to the Barcelona magazine’s release of it being a brand new Generation 8 and not a remake. Well, there’s a reason for all those Sinnoh hints dropping and it has everything […]

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Pokémon Timeless Versions

We are getting closer and closer to the official Pok√©mon Gen 8 titles. The ones that Game Freak has prepared for us.       The Pok√©mon Community Tweet that will go down in History is from James Turner ~ who LEAKED the titles with 1 Image.¬†   Mew has the DNA of all Pok√©mon. […]

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Pokémon Gen 8 Innovations

Game Freak has declared that the 8th Generation of Pocket Monsters will be described as Tradition vs. Innovation. And on June 01, 2018 the answer to that inside information was released. MEGA DX Posted a tweet with a Riddle to this EPIC plot twist ~ but it was only sent to 1 Winner: @David_Danielo   […]

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Pokémon Switch Gen 8 Starters

The region is set to be Barcelona Spain and the titles to include Time. In Pok√©mon Yesterday and Tomorrow.     (Hint: Infinito and eterno) VOTE TO LEAK THE TITLES from THE MOST LEGIT LEAK THAT YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Now it’s the time for the starters to have their very own LEAK! And believe me, […]

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Banjo Kazooie 3D Secret Game

Everybody is talking about Nintendo of America secret game that will quote, “please long time fans.” And all it took to find the gem was Xbox! 1998 2019 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Xbox Newcomer is Banjo-Kazooie! However, there was a LEAK with Banjo as the Nintendo Switch secret game.     “Banjo Kazooie 3D is […]

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Pocket Monsters Gen 8

“I never saw those titles coming.”~ MEGAS and YOU.¬† This leak begins with Mirage Monsters and ends with very IN-credible Pok√©mon Switch titles.   And that’s just the surface of what this LEAKED image will uncover.   The Most Legit Leak That You’ve Ever Seen! was the title of the tweet.¬† With a title like […]

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Pokémon Switch Post-Game Leak

The post-game to Pok√©mon Switch Gen 8 mainline games was LEAKED and it will be like no other ‚ÄĒ ever seen ‚ÄĒ And you could know it right now! There’s just one more thing to tell. The post-game is online on Etsy! Many sought and looked up every Pok√©mon listing only to come up with […]

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