Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Gen 8

There will be New Pok√©mon in Pok√©mon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution! The Pok√©mon Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution movie remake of the original Mewtwo Strikes Back is set to be as innovated as Gen 8. In fact, there are Game Freak trademarks written all over the 2019 film to support this claim. But of course, there’s […]

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GS Ball Plus Coming

The GS Ball could become the next Pok√© Ball Plus! HEART Gold, SOUL Silver, MIND-BLOWING Bronze!   A leak of another Pok√© Ball Plus has been circulating the internet. But could it be the GS Ball Plus that we see in 2019? MIRAGE Signs Point to Yes. I’ve been told the hardware seems to be […]

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Pokemon Switch Legendary Planets

The Solar System gets represented in form of Legendaries. Lunala & Solgaleo were the first of the Celestial Legendaries set to come in 2019. Mercurio is next. They called it Pok√©mon Stars, and they were the continuation of Pok√©mon Ultra Sun and Moon. “Rumors have been circulating for a number of months about the game, […]

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Ultra Shiny Pokémon in Gen 8

Ultra Shiny Pok√©mon will be coming to Pok√©mon Switch in 2019. MEGAS has acquired the missing puzzle to the Ultra Shiny trademark! And while everyone in the Pok√©mon community was looking at the TCG cards. MEGAS was looking at Delta Pok√©mon Cards. MINI Ultra Shiny in Gen 8 DX RELEASE   NEW Ultra Rare, Ultra […]

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Pokemon Switch BoTW Tier Region

The Grandiose Gen 8 Region is was thought to be East Asia ~ Japan! But a reverse image search LOCATED the Region to be Scotland!   Pok√©mon Switch Generation 8 is set to be remarkable there’s no question about it. But something is absolutely WONDROUS about this new region and you will discover what it […]

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