Ultra Shiny Pokémon GO

It’s the premiere LEAK for Pokémon GO on DX and this one is ULTRA HYPE. Shiny Pokémon have raided all of Pokémon GO from basic to EX Rare. But there’s one kind of Shiny that’s in the works at Niantic that has never ever been seen!   BELIEVE IT. OR NOT. They are planning to […]

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Pokémon Gen 8 Parcuatro

A leak from 2016 resurfaces in the year 2019 and it includes UNDISCOVERED Alolan Pokémon?! But something else wondrous IS IN THE MIX! Alolan Oddish ✓ Alolan Jynx ✓ Alolan Bellsprout ✓ Alolan Dratini ✓ Alolan Snorlax ✓ Alolan Zubat ✓ Alolan Tentacool ✓ Alolan Gloom ✓   > Parcuatro     In Pokémon the […]

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Pokémon Amiibo Leak

A Pokémon Amiibo listing has made a leak from the past return ~ full force!     And it makes Pokémon Switch NOT what fans are expecting which signals Game Freak!     But is legit?!   Round 3 has begun and the VOTES are coming IN . . . *One thing is for sure: […]

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Metroid Prime 4 1 1

Nintendo just made History with Metroid Prime 4. The first game to ever get restarted mid-launch year. “Silence is Golden . . . at Nintendo.”   Nintendo plans to substitute Samus and Ridley with a trilogy.   Here are the Metroid Prime 4 Details and Changes!   Bandai Namco was canceled for Metroid Prime 4 […]

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Nintendo Direct Trailers 2019

There were 4 EPIC Nintendo Directs in 2018 each brought forth A+ Tier Games! Many of those games were leaked on Jan 21, 2018 by MEGAS on YouTube using creative mini teaser trailers. 2018 was a wrap and it was Legendary. Luigi’s Mansion 3 – CONFIRMED South Park: The Fractured But Whole – ANNOUNCED 3.8.18 World […]

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Pokémon Gen 8 Eeveelutions

LEAK:  3 NEW EEVEELUTIONS ARE COMING! I REPEAT:  3 EEVEELUTION IN THE WORKS AT GAME FREAK.   3 are set to come with Nostalgia in mind and it’s connected to the Kanto EPIC twist for Gen 8: Stones! But there was a leaked image that mentioned them and more!   3 Stones, 2 Forms, 1 […]

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Nintendo Switch PRO Mini

A Mini Nintendo Switch PRO is coming and it’s worth the price ~ but there’s a catch! It’s a Gaming Phone! It’s all fun and games until NintendoLife drops a bombshell! A Nintendo Switch Online Phone is the Mini Surprise and it is intense HYPE! 2018 RUMOR: The Nintendo Switch PRO is a Miniature ~ […]

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