Pokemon Let’s GO Shiny Dex

The Pok√©dex for Shiny Hunters in Pok√©mon Let’s GO Pikachu or Eevee. Choose A Shiny Pok√©mon Exploit To Use: RED/GREEN/YELLOW/BLUE/PINK¬† Each Shiny Pok√©mon has its own nature, that you will need to select in order to increase that Shiny spawn-rate. It increases greatly! If the Pok√©mon is a RARE spawn like Ninetales or Arcanine it […]

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Poketto Monsuta Gen 8 Titles

Pokemon Switch Gen 8 Have Wonderous Game Titles! The most anticipated Pok√©mon games (Pocket Monsters) are coming and Gen 8 will be like no other as it will gear to both veterans and newbies of the series. Pok√©mon U and I Pok√©mon Infrared and Ultraviolet Pok√©mon Cyber Fire and Ice Pok√©mon Plus and Minus Pok√©mon […]

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Pokemon Switch Botw Legends!

It’s a colossal MEGA. It looks Humanoid. It is based off an Ancient Wonder. Legendary Pok√©mon is a Talus! “a sloping mass of rock fragments at the foot of a cliff.” This Legend of the Earth is a colossal clay monster and when it walks, it moves the Earth. It is the second Box Art […]

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Pokémon Switch Gen 8 Legendary

The Gen 8 Botw Pok√©mon is Legendary ~ In more ways than 1! “The legendary Pok√©mon will all be trademarked soon.” “I think I am now willing to share with you the answers of what the legendary box art Pok√©mon of Pok√©mon 2019.”   Name: ????? TYPE: Fire/New-Type Legendary Habitat: Volcano   This salamander was […]

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Animal Crossing: Amiibo Exclusives

You may have already seen the Most Wanted Amiibo from (2019) Animal Crossing Switch on the DX STORE! GET TIMMY & TOMMY FOR 2019! There’s something else that is pure HYPE for Animal Crossing fans! “This item is no longer available. But don‚Äôt go! We have similar items in stock.” The INSIDER INFO you are […]

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters FIRST LEAK

THE FIRST NINTENDO SWITCH PRO 4K GAME with Duel Monsters cards! Is coming from Konami and it’s still a deep dark secret. Pok√©mon GO succeeded in its master plan. It’s time for Konami to follow in Niantic footsteps and reap the reward$! Yu-Gi-Oh! on the next-gen Console and its presence could even rival Pok√©mon!   […]

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Animal Crossing Switch Tease

The Animal Crossing Switch trailer is set to amaze and bring back the classics feels.   AN ANIMAL CROSSING DIRECT IS INCOMING:   What kind of HYPE will Nintendo Unleash with Animal Crossing Switch?! INTENSE HYPE   Well, there’s a video for you all to see! Nintendo will release yet another Animal Crossing Teaser but […]

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