The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD

It looks like the next chapter to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes in three!   Starting with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for the Nintendo Switch! RUMOR – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Teased for Switch by Eiji Aonuma Of course, those who were following MEGAS on […]

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 30

I’ve been saving the BEST Super Smash Bros. Ultimate LEAK for last. But you won’t be able to see it completely until 2019. On September 4th the 2020 DLC PACK was CONFIRMED.     Super Smash Bros. Ultimate THE FINAL LEAK before OFFICIAL LAUNCH is 30!   Reggie says that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC […]

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Animal Crossing Pocket Switch

The EPIC Animal Crossing Switch feature will set these games apart from all other Animal Crossing games.   The first details for Animal Crossing Switch were just LEAKED and NINTENDO EXCLUSIVE DX readers saw glimpses of what was yet to come months prior to the NintendoSoup leak. The list was quiet long and it included […]

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Pokémon Let’s Go Shiny EX Method

Pokémon Let’s GO! THE EXCLUSIVE EX SHINY METHOD!   A Sneak Preview of the EX Method was released on Twitter. SHINY CHAINING: NORMAL ->    BLUE ->  BLUE ->  RED ->  RED ->  RED -> SHINE There are other ways to obtain Shiny Pokémon in Let’s Go! without a “Shiny Charm.” ~ No Shiny Fountain […]

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GameCube Switch Wave 1

There’s a reason Nintendo GameCube wasn’t included with the EPIC N64 Nintendo Switch Online LEAK. That reason is GameCube games are returning! But they will NOT be included with Nintendo Switch Online. You will get to own them! NINTENDO SWITCH Presents: THE GAME CUBE COLLECTION   Only (2) Game Cube Switch Titles will be published […]

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Animal Crossing Switch Vacation

THE FIRST EXCLUSIVE ANIMAL CROSSING SWITCH DETAILS! Your favorites from Animal Crossing New Leaf are Back! Just as the 2019 teaser suggested, they are all moving to a town!   Greetings villagers, we’re really moving!  All the assets from the 2012 New Leaf game have been improved and moved to ANIMAL CROSSING (2019). But that […]

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Pokémon Let’s GO EPIC Game Leak

The Greatest EPIC Pokémon Let’s GO Leak is Now EXCLUSIVELY In Here! Welcome Everyone from Twitter and 4chan. LANCE and Dragonite!   AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK AT THE GAME FREAK LEAK.   There was a Poster with the most fascinating HINT!   Take a closer look at the ELITE 4 and the way they are […]

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Pokémon Let’s Go Datamine

The Pokémon Datamine Is Incoming ~ but there’s more to it!     MEET INTERESTING CHARACTERS: LEAF who wasn’t LEAF but a young lady named “Green” was seen in the Datamine. There is Trainer Blue There is Trainer Red There is Trainer Green But where is Trainer ~ Yellow? Well, some would say it’s the […]

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Minecraft Steve

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Minecraft Steve AN EXCLUSIVE NINTENDO LEAK SNEAK PREVIEW FOR TWITTER!   You read the title right! There’s a reason Vergeben cannot be 100% sure that Minecraft Steve is IN Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Vergeben isn’t entirely sure on his source’s end, but at this point he doesn’t doubt it is in […]

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Nintendo Switch Online N64 EPIC

Welcome to the New Nintendo Switch Online! MEGAS hinted this was coming in many, many, mini teasers on Twitter.  Prepare to (F)aint. If you (C) it. You won’t believe it. What could it (B)? Nintendo Switch ONLINE released with very little HYPE it got so much dislikes and backlash that it made gamers skip Memberships. […]

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